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1) Choose a model. Currently we are only posting booked models.  This means that all girls on this page are booked in the next 2-3 months.  If you have someone else in mind just ask and if possible we can book them.

- We suggest you also choose a B model in case your first choice in unable to shoot for any reason, Best if it is one I already scheduled to shoot after your first choice.  Or it can be a girl not booked but I know is available and can book. If you do not want a B model we will refund 100% if the model you choose is a no show and we cannot shoot with her.


2) Email or PM us,  Let us know what you want,  a description of you want,  Length, Type POV, SFX Doll or other props etc


3) Time line. For non FX Shoots we will give  you a solid time line, for FX shoots we will give you an  estimated time and a maximum time,  The maximum time may be really long depending on how complex your project is.  some FX project will still be simple enough to give you a solid time, It just depends.  This will all be known and agreed upon by you before you pay. We will inform you the  week that we are shooting.


4) Pay us:  After talking to you we will give you a quote,  Generally we charge $100 for every 10min with one girl for (NON FX) simple shoot.  The price will go up when you add props, costumes, FX etc


5) We shoot your video.


4) We edit and upload your video  (Editing time varies from 1 week for simple stuff to several months for complicated FX videos.



PS: the openings for Complex FX customs are limited as we can only take so many requests. but still inquire as we can get you on a waiting list.




1. We do not do any Live crush of animals or bugs fish etc..


2. We do not do Scat or Pee.


3. I do not shoot smoking videos  (I have this weird aversion to smoking.)  but I will do smoking unlit and in allot cases can simulate smoke with CGI.  But if the video is all smoking that probably would not work,  IF you only need one part smoking then We may still be able to that with FX smoke..

4. Incest scenarios are fine, We can do mother son, mother daughter ,  daughter father etc,  But in all cases the sons and daughter will be depicted as  18 or  over.


5. We do not nudity.  We will do implied nudity and we will do pasties and thong,  Also implied orgasms etc..

The Models below are the ones that are available within the coming months. If you are thinking of a different model please do not be afraid to ask.  If a model is not on this page anymore it means their shoot is done already or I have to many customs already booked for them.  
Updated 2/23/2016

FetishCon Is coming August 2016

Check out the attending models list

Let us know if you want any customs while we are in Con
Please note only customs that will be shot in Hotel room with small props
can be shot.  We will not have a city setup or green screen for the girls but
adding Tiny FX victims after will be possible of course.

FetishCon attending models list



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Media Impact

         My Name is Gary Pranzo and I started Media Impact over 20 years ago making mostly giantess videos and I have never looked back. Over the years my team and I have improved our production skills and we have already delivered some great custom videos.

       We have been featured on several Documentaries and TV spots over the years more recently  TLC Strange sex and HBO  Sex-On// .

       We also host the leading giantess Fetish Clip portal and our main store with the movies we make is